Rusty Cloud – Karuna (PRIMO-11)

PRIMOの再発CDシリーズ6作目。今回はブルースブラザーズのサポートで今春も来日していたボルチモア生まれのピアニスト/アレンジャーのAnthony “Rusty” Cloudが1978年にNYCでリリースした自主盤。当時ライブやご本人の周りで手売りしていたレコードで、中古盤もそこまで流通していないせいか、今まで紹介される機会が少なかった作品 。スピリチュアル〜フリー・ジャズを行ったり来たりする、耽美で力強いアレンジ、ピースフルかつ美しい楽曲群が素晴らしいです。エクストラトラックのウッドストックレコーディング初期セッション&次作(未完成)に収録予定であった音源もカッコいいのでぜひチェックしてみて下さい。

Rusty Cloud – Karuna PRIMO-11(NBCD-055)





Album preview for forthcoming reissue of Rusty Cloud’s superb private spiritual free jazz LP “Karuna” NYC 1977.(24/8/2016) // PRIMO-11(NBCD-055)
The spiritual jazz popular piece made in New York is released as the first CD in the world!! This is right piece in the middle for spiritual jazz fan which reminds of the works such as Strata-East and others! The aesthetic and dynamic arrange, and songs are peaceful and beautiful. What an awesome numbers they are!Anthony “Rusty” Cloud was born in Baltimore in 1951, and is now a pianist and arranger and still playing as a tour member of many artists including the Blues Brothers.After he had met Herbie Hancock and so at Jazz workshop which joined in his schooldays, he had been performing in small clubs each and every day while felt in love with the music under the influence of James Joseph Brown and Muddy Waters.He set his mind on success and moved to New York, and released “KARUNA” as a private press with negligible pieces. The existence is “People in the know, know” in the world and famous disk of spiritual Jazz made in New York. That’s an amazing secret masterpiece!
T1. Westering: Show aesthetic and dynamic creation with a faint Latin flavor.
T2.Karuna: Dramatic plot in the latter part is fantastic.
T3. Peace Rahsaan: Fill with feeling of blues devoted to Roland Kirk.
T4 Blessing: Finest spiritual jazz with peaceful and beautiful session using seven beats rhythm.
Three unreleased songs such as T5&T6, early period session sound source, and T.7, was supposed to record in an Album (unfinished) as planned next piece, are exclusively recorded as bonus tracks.




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