Primo & The Groupe – SUN (PRIMO-008)

A1. SUN : A really great set of spiritually-tuned jazz from PRIMO. This has a freewheeling, exploratory sound that takes off in a mode that’s a bit post-Coltrane, but which also has some freer touches too. This track have a rhythmic, Strata East-like quality.

A2. Why He Had To Go : This is my sound encapsulated in four minutes of heart-stopping soul perfection. Clear vocal over a smoky beat, elegant horns and throbbing bass!

B1. Tell Me A Bedtime Story : PRIMO takes on Herbie Hancock – turning in a heavenly version of the classic – smooth, soulful, groover with Latin-influnced beat, spectacular horns, beautiful piano, lots of great keyboard lines and incredible vocals from Kylie Auldist.Kylie’s voice reminds me very much of early Aretha Franklin.

B2. Why He Had To Go (Patchworks Disco Remix) : This Remix is performed by Bruno Hovart – under various names and into different projects : Patchworks, Metropolitan Jazz Affair, Mr President, The Dynamics, Cinnamone, Porks Watch etc…]


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